10 tips to get better way photograph

Every person who was taking a picture, regardless he is an expert or a beginner, of course, expect good results drawing pep Which one is to obtain better results in the next shot. But in reality, many people who do not get good results as desired and some of them lead to disappointment. In fact it can be overcome with the mastering, or at least know the tips to get a better picture. And here are ten tips you can do to get a good picture.

10 tips to get better way photograph

1 – Closer to the object of shooting. To get a good picture is a must have a good degree of clarity before the shoot. And to gain clarity is good, then you should be closer with the object of shooting. When you find the right object shoot, get closer and take pictures!

2 – Be hurry. If you would take a moving picture, then the speed is what you have to prioritize. Just a split second you are left behind, then the moment will your viewfinder will not have the same value and meaning. Speed in practice you can shoot on a regular basis in your spare time. In this case, you need not worry about the position too aiming and waiting for the right. Secret: take a picture as much as possible, and then you can select them as you wish.

3 – Compose the Picture with Care. Although the field of photography is not your job, a hobby, for example, of course you still want good results and optimal, are not it? for it, try to lead the eye along the way pulled through the photos using the strong lines or patterns, keeping the horizon level, and realize that the place your subject where you think the property is not just accept it wherever it happens to land on photo.

4 – be selective. In this case, categorizes the photos you shoot into several sections or files. Categorized by subjects such as living or not living thing, family or friends, pets or nature, and so forth. And in each category, you might get as much as what can be produced optimally from your shots.

Remove unnecessary elements. The easiest way to do this is to watch your border – the edge of the view you see through the viewfinder of the camera. Your assessment as an observer result viewfinder is needed here.

5 – Focus on your subject. It is rather difficult to do especially when you take pictures in a crowded place. For that, exercise to shoot with accuracy and proper focus, back to being the best advice to be done. Besides, you’ll find that more in-depth-of-field (larger f-stop number) will make everything from here to eternity appear in focus.

6 – Experiment with the shutter speed. Keep in mind that you are the controller in the shoot. To get the maximum image on moving objects, you can use a shutter speed (1 / 500 and above) with a long lens. While if you take still pictures or moving very slowly, and then use a slow shutter speed and tripod without the help of a long lens.

7 – Pay attention to light. The point is that light plays an important role in the outcome is either an image that can not be underestimated. Unless you will do the silhouette image, then you should consider the shadow that will determine the results of your images.

8 – Watch the weather. If you decide to give effect to the image of blue sky, the sunny weather can be your friend. While if you need the gray clouds for various reason for the results of picture, cloudy weather is what you are looking for.

9 – A simple camera settings. Technology has helped you to get a lot of options and sophistication. but its use should not make yourself busy with a convoluted settings. The way is learn the basics of good photography and assisted with the tripod is good enough to make the shot.

10 – Be bold. Some cases of courage are the ability of self-doubt when someone asks you to take his picture. Or when you shoot wildlife in the open, you just shoot from a distance and did not dare to approach.

Be away is not the proper thing to be a photographer. Great bravery is needed here.

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