20 Houses to a Plan From Which You Can Crawl

20 Houses to a Plan From Which You Can Crawl

If we have ever lived in a one-storey home, we know the benefits all of the stairwell’s absence is ideal when there are elderly people or children in the family. Not to mention the fact that it promotes greater communication between family members. In addition, with a pinch of organization, a one-storey home can be as comfortable as a home on several floors let’s look at the next images together and find 20 homes on a plan from which to draw. Let’s watch them carefully and choose our favorite!

A rustic cottage suitable for modern times

Wood, stone and sloping roof the typical features of rustic-style houses solasbars, here reinterpreted in contemporary style, to create a rustic cottage suitable for modern times.

Contrasts and volumes

Smooth walls and exposed stone to create fascinating contrasts and volumes – an unusual combination that is really hard to resist.


A traditional house with a white facade and wall lamp posts and roof tiles used as a decorative element perfect for those who love the Mediterranean style.


A house in perfect minimalist style, characterized by an elegant frame that also serves as a porch.

Minimal and colorful

Orange, yellow, gray and white for a minimalist but colorful style home the ideal solution for the villa at the sea.

An attractive facade

An intriguing game of volumes and textures this is how we could summarize with a few adjectives this sophisticated home on a single floor, embellished by the green of a small bed.

A simple prism

A house that we could catalog as a futurist a simple prism that extends along the ground, offering a large living space.

Small and with a nice porch

The stone lining and the beautiful porch that runs along the fa├žade are the highlight of this delightful country house. To note and copy the large windows, ideal to capture as much natural light as possible.

Stone and wood

It combines tradition and modernity with this elegant villa offered by the architect GIAN MARCO CANNAVICCI, where ancient and primitive materials such as wood and stone are wisely used to create a modern and essential form.

Contrasting styles

If there was no frame to keep them together, the 2 parts of this house would seem to belong to 2 different homes!

An old house

We inherited the old family home Here’s how it could be the final result if we recovered the original materials and decorations.

Modular in wood

Are we lucky enough to own a building plot This modular wooden house could be a practical and inexpensive solution to finally make the dream of a home without spending a fortune.

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