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Marriage Insurance 2014

Are You Prepared for the Rest of Your Life Together?

AfterHoneymoonFilteredCommunity Marriage Builders (CMB) will be hosting two Marriage Insurance events this year.  These marriage preparation workshops will be held on two separate dates.  The first being held at Clarion Inn, Evansville on February 15th and the Second will be at the Clarion Inn, Evansville on April 5th.  Both events will be at NO COST and will include lunch as well as a $100 incentive per couple upon completion.  Both workshops will be held from 9:30am to 5:30pm.

Marriage Insurance is the perfect way to prepare for your life after the wedding.  So much time and money is spent on making the wedding day just right, but how much is spent on making the relationship just right?  This Make it Last workshop will give you the tools you need to make your marriage last, as well as a little added funds to help with your special day.

We are no longer taking applications for this event.


  1. We attended one of the Marriage Builder’s sessions and found it very beneficial. We would like to attend again for Feb 15 and April 5 , 2014. How do I sign up .. Sincerely, Sandra Hardin

    • Sandra and Fred, The Marriage Insurance workshops are for engaged or seriously dating couples. Our next available workshop for married couples will be in May. For the latest info on workshops and events you can like our facebook page Thank You.

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