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Singles Weekend

FallingForJerkThis exciting workshop for singles will be in New Harmony on March 28 and 29.  It will feature our “No Jerk” curriculum entitled How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk or Jerkette.  The program will give you a practical guide to help “avoid the jerks” and find “the one” who’s right for you.  It is all about following your heart without losing your mind.

There is no cost for the weekend and you will receive an added bonus of $50 when you complete the workshop.  The weekend includes your Friday night stay at the Inn, three meals and all your workshop materials.

We are no longer taking applications for this event.



  1. Is there an age recommendation for this? Minimum requirement? I work with kids and have a 15 year old in mind that might be able to benefit from this.

    • The age minimum to attend the weekend is 17. The workshop itself could be taught to younger audiences but our Federal Grant guidelines set the limit at 17 years of age.

  2. Do you have to be single to attend? Im happily married however I have a friend who would really benefit from this workshop but she doesn’t want to go alone. Could we attend together?

    • Kirby, I’m sorry but our federal guidelines will only allow us to offer this workshop to singles.

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