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French Lick Weekend

November 14 & 15

This fabulous marriage enrichment weekend for eligible couples* is a great way to strengthen your marriage in a beautiful setting. Learn the skills you need to communicate better and deepen your relationship with our “Marriage LINKS” curriculum.

There is no cost for the weekend and it includes:

-Friday night at French Lick Springs Resort

-Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner

-All your workshop materials.

We are not yet taking applications for this weekend!

The workshop begins at 7:00pm (Eastern Standard time) on Friday the 14th.

*Couples are only eligible if they have not completed a “no cost” marriage enrichment workshop with Community Marriage Builders.


  1. We fill out an application almost 2 weeks ago. And still haven’t heard anything back. I have checked ny spam folder also. We filled it out on the computer on your website. Just curious if you respond even if the couple isn’t accepted.

    • All approved married couples have been notified. We are still in the process notifying couples that are ineligible.

  2. I applied last Wednesday for the French lick workshop but I haven’t received a email back yet. Was wondering if you would be able to let me know how I will know whether I get to go or not. first time ever applying for something like this…

    • Jenny,
      I’m sorry we do not have a record of your application. If you applied via smartphone or tablet your application may not have gone through. You may have seen that as a “Special Note” on the application itself. If you have further questions or need clarification you can call the office at 812-477-2260.

  3. I submitted our application at 8:00 am on the 19th and still haven’t heard anything back. It said I would receive an email back and I was just wondering why I haven’t heard anything thus far.

    • Shaylee,
      Make sure you check your spam folder for the email. Also, if you applied via smartphone or tablet we may not have received your application. Feel free to call the office at 812-477-2260 with any questions. Thanks

  4. How do you apply?

    • Sorry Kevin,
      We are not taking applications any more. The weekend is at capacity and we have an extensive waiting list.

  5. I saw this commercial for this program in French Lick and thought it would be a wonderful idea. My husbands birthday is July 10th and it would be a great birthday present. PLus we recently had a baby in January and have been working tons of hours to be able to put our own home on some land. It has been hard to find time for us. We celebrated be together 2 years this past Saturday and worked on our anniversary!!! I think this would be a great way for us to get a way and reconnect and have time for us. Looking forward to the opportunity if it may.

  6. I also mistakenly put the date as “June 11″ rather than July 11. We wanted to attend the French Lick weekend.

    • Derek,
      That should be OK, we are not taking applications for any other marriage enrichment workshops at this time.

  7. Just applied! I will be watching for the email notification of eligibility. Does income play a role in eligibility? We have not attended before, so we meet that requirement. I was just curious about the income questions and if it was a demographic thing or part of eligibility.

    • Make sure to check your spam folder. The income and demographic info does not factor into eligibility. It is part of the required information that we need to gather for our government grant, which provides the funding for the weekend.

  8. I filled out the application for the French Link getaway but accidently entered the wrong date. I’m sorry! I hope it does not effect our chance to enter for this opportunity.

    • It should be OK, we aren’t taking applications for other marriage enrichment workshops at this time.

  9. I’m not sure I chose the correct curriculum. I was hoping my wife and I would be able to attend the French Link weekend.

    • Jason,
      That shouldn’t matter, as long as you have the correct date we will process it for the weekend.

  10. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. We have been married for 17 years and been through many ups and downs. I do believe we have a good marriage but its not perfect. It has improved greatly since including God in our lives. I love my husband so much and would love to be able to freely show him and freely receive his love.

  11. Just applied… sounds great!!

  12. I just applied and I put that we went through your program in 2005 before we married, but I just pulled out the material and it wasn’t Community Marriage Builders. It was I’m ago Education for Churches.

    • That’s OK, we will verify it with our records.

  13. I just signed up but my fiancee has to work until 1130 pm on Friday. We can check in at 1 a.m. Is this ok? We really need this so that we can overcome some of our issues that we have.

    • You should receive a notification via phone or email within the next few days letting you know your eligibility for the weekend.

  14. Can we come if we are about to get married?

    • If you fill out an application our Intake Coordinator will determine your eligibility and then contact you via phone or email within 7-10 business days (make sure you check your spam folder).

  15. I just applied, I think this is our only hope. I really hope we can get in. 16 years and 2 kids is a lot to give up! :(

    • Melanie,
      It sounds like you may need more help than a marriage enrichment weekend can provide. You may want to consider our workshop for struggling couples called “Revive” or check out our list of counselors. It have included the links to both below.

      • We attended the one in August last year. Does that mean we are not eligible for this one? Can engaged couples attend?

        • If you fill out an application our Intake Coordinator will determine your eligibility and then contact you via phone or email (make sure you check your spam folder).

  16. I would love to join in and help build a stronger marriage.

  17. We are remcemtly married and meed to get away

    • Don’t forget to apply from the link above.

  18. would Like to go to the French Lick Weekend, with my Husband.

    • Make sure you fill out the application from the link above.

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