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Revive – skills for distressed couples

Posted by on Feb 12, 2014 in Featured, Married, Workshops | 42 comments

The Revive workshop for distressed couples is offered multiple times per week.  It gives couples practical skills to help them work out...

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Dating My Spouse

Posted by on Oct 31, 2013 in Featured, Marriage Tips, Married | 22 comments

Get your 2015 Button! Community Marriage Builders is continuing the “Dating My Spouse” campaign for 2015. The program is designed to...

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How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk (or Jerkette)

Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 in Help CMB | 0 comments

This program for singles and dating couples gives a practical guide to help you avoid the jerks and find “the one” who’s...

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Posted by on Aug 5, 2011 in Help CMB | 0 comments

We have a great line up of marriage enrichment workshops that can equip couples with the skills they need to build a strong and lasting...

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