Backyard Koi Fish Pond with Natural Setting

To complete the tropical experience around the house is definitely the koi fish pond. This shimmering pond adds a great atmosphere to the house. Its glimmering white, black and orange fishes are swimming around the pool and somehow take the owners into a peaceful and relaxing state of mind. When a backyard pool is incorporated with this kind of pond, the home becomes more inviting and inspiring. Having an outdoor pond is definitely not the same with indoor aquarium. The feeling and experience is totally different. Aquarium is like a secluded element of the house while the pond is fused with the house.

Building koi fish pond in backyard is not something really difficult to handle. An ideal one has several elements including lush plantings, statues, boulders, paths, footbridge and of course the waterfall. It’s usually what can be found in a Japanese style fish pond. Looking beautiful and natural as it should be. It should be built in partial shade because too much sun can make the water too hot and harming for the koi fishes. To create more natural setting, adds toads, frogs, turtles and snails. Not only is it beneficial for the pond but also looking so natural.

Backyard area gives more space for the pond. This way, more plants can be planted. However, keep in mind that not all kinds of plants are suitable for the pond. It should be able to adapt to the shallow ponds and pools. There are three different categories of suitable plants. They are floating plants, marginal plants and submerged plants. They usually have flowers and leaves that can grow to the surface similar to water lily. These oxygenator’s plants are perfect and the fishes love them. With addition of the best lighting, the koi fish pond will be the most ideal spot to relax. Hopefully this article can provide inspiration for you in making a fish pond that is natural and beautiful.

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