Black and white photography

Black and white as a neutral color is still becomes an idol in the world photography. although reminds many people on television shows that have not been rich colors in a few decades or a century ago, but until now photography in black and white just brought a lot to show originality and neutrality of. Even many consumers are asking the photographers to deliberately remove the color in the picture.

As one of the photographic technique of choice, technology and sophistication in the tools of photography is a medium the most helpful in removing the color. Color accuracy and detail picture of course as important as color images to be prioritized. There are three main situations in which we can desaturate (ie removing color from) images, namely:

Black and white photography
Black and white photography

1 – In the portrait. By making the details and close-up image as the most requests to the photographer, make black and white photography as an option. Some of them are because of the many factors that can not be hidden when using color photography. to get the best results in close-up objects (including yourself), some things such as: smooth skin and face, a perfect hairdo, different skin color between the face and body, and various other things that interfere with the results of color images and can be further refined using black and white photography. For it, black and white is what are felt to be more prudent in better image results.

2 – In abstract fine art photography. As the most neutral color, black and white photography is commonly used in the abstract art that has many unusual shapes. Reasons for patterns or abstract art form that generally use black and white is black and white photographs that are generally more ‘tolerant’ of contrast, so fine art photographers often will remove the color of their pictures and then ramp up the contrast (again, with use an image editing program).

Abstract color photography in the art will actually reduce the value of art contained in it. For those who lay about abstract art photography, will generally find it a little difficult to understand abstract art. Black and white photography will clarify the intent of a powerful abstract art.

3 – Whenever the photo is more or less monochromatic anyway. This is in addition to the proper use of black and white photography. In fact, the core of black and white photography function is to remove or at least reduce the negative points on a photograph. But when you have the results of such a color photo photography technique is most often done, try to convert photos to black and white to get a comparison of the results of the best pictures and find out some kind of an annoying color to be printed in color prints.

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