Causes of Pimple on Earlobe

Well, there are 5 reasons that make acne always come back to your face. Come on, get it right and get it done!


1. You touch your face too often

Believe it or not, this is one of the reasons why acne continues to pop into your smooth face. The surface of the hand is often exposed to various germs and bacteria. Accidentally when you touch the face, the dirt will stick, clog pores, and lead to acne. Stop your holding habits or just scratch the face. It may be difficult at the beginning, but for the sake of healthy skin you should be able to apply this habit.

2. You have digestive problems

You are what you eat. This is true for body and skin health. If you have a problem in the digestive tract have, it will be visible on your facial skin with the onset of acne. Start noticing your food intake. Expand fiber foods and eat less greasy. If applied on a regular basis, you can see a clear change in your face.

3. Your hormones are out of balance

Hormones play a major role in the onset of acne. When you have a hormonal imbalance, it will be seen with the appearance of acne. Not only in the face, but also on the back and chest. In addition, your menstrual cycle also becomes irregular. We recommend that you check the condition if you have excessive acne and menstruation is not smooth.

4. You have adult acne

Most people have acne in their teens or around 20s. But if your age has entered the 30s but still often appear pimple on earlobe, maybe that’s a sign you have adult acne. This acne is usually caused by stress, unhealthy diet, or lack of skin care. Think about it, do you experience those things? Immediately complete and guaranteed acne no longer appears.

5. You are wrong to use care products

The factor of the appearance of acne and skin problems can also be caused by care products that are not suitable for your facial skin. Find out your skin type and choose a product that matches your skin type. In addition, do regular maintenance for maximum clean face. It’s good to consult a doctor first if you want to use facial care products.

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