Create a Beach Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Create a Beach Wedding Ideas on a Budget. There are so many reasons that make the couple feel should get married on the beach. Most confessed to the beach was a place full of memories shared romantic partners. Some say the beach is a great place, and most couples are still rolling out the wedding party in the building. No doubt, the beach became the location that sold on the reservation to make a couples wedding.

Admittedly the beach is a magnet that attracts, the blue water meets the golden white sand is not bored panorama is seen. Meanwhile, the sea and the waves roll into a calm atmosphere that augments backsound wedding. Married at the seaside is not a delusion or can only be seen in the film drama. You can also realize a wedding by the beach that will make you and your partner are hard to forget how special second-second wedding. However, in order for the wedding runs smoothly and perfectly, check out the following important tips first.


Hotel, resort or restaurant that stands on the edge of the beach like in Bali beaches generally have included in part of the hotel or resort. You can also avail of the hotel’s own beach or the resort at least with stay and rent a ballroom or chapel in the hotel for the event of contract or blessing, while for the reception can take place on the beach. But if you want natural shades throughout the marriage, some resorts also provide wedding ceremony on the beach.


Weather including a very crucial because it concerns the continuity of the show, when the wrong time can-can your marriage be broken being poured by the rain. So, in order for the marriage to take place safely and smoothly hold weddings in the dry season because of the possibility of rain.
In addition to the problems of weather, any time it is worth considering whether the wedding date including high season or peak season. Try wedding performed before the peak season, which lasts around July-August and December-January the new year, because at that time, many tourists will arrive that will enliven the hotel or resort place of your wedding.
Event gear. Rent a tent or canopy became a liability when the marriage took place during the day as a shelter guests. Portable toilets are very useful when coastal location is quite far from the hotel or resort. Therefore rent portable toilets as many times as required, estimated at 1 unit portable toilets can be used around 40 guests.


Customize your wedding dress. Choose clothing that is not troublesome, especially for the bride, wore gowns or kebaya simple without the tail. Likewise with footwear, preferably wear footwear flat or thick bersol.
Expand the supply of mineral water in order for your guests to avoid dehydration. For the menu, know the kind of food that does not stand the heat for too long. In particular, do not oblige seafood menu too long to avoid germs or bacteria that stick.
A day or two days before the d-day came to the site to gain an overview, how to humidity, wind direction and when the time of sunset in the H.

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