Gucci Cruise 2017. The Dell’Inattuale Force That Builds The Current

Gucci Cruise 2017. The Dell’Inattuale Force That Builds The Current

The collection Gucci Cruise 2017, who marched this afternoon in London in the cloisters of Westminster Abbey in London, is clear evidence that, as happens in the history of thought, even a fashion brand can regenerate from a project.

For the first time a fashion brand occupies the cloisters of England’s most famous Abbey, born to fulfill a vow, that of the Catholic King Edward the Confessor said, almost sacred place for the British history where they crown their kings and his queens are buried and where kings, queens, poets, philosophers, politicians, various thinkers and even Handel, chief of the eighteenth century musician who was German but England gave the luster of his music.

This story is not indifferent either in the choice of Alexander Michael for this parade, and even for fashion that showed.
I was 17 when I came for the first time in London, and the week after I wanted to move, says Alessandro Michele backstage after the show. He defines his approach to this collection an archaeological work, in the sense that I built my idea of ??fashion is not about the history of the great Maison but from the street. And London was the place to go to see what was happening in the street. This fascination with the movement Michele preserves intact, untouched as is his curiosity led him to invent the new with the historical mix of events, the events and the objects involved.

Thus, the Gucci Cruise 2017 collection is the result of precise references – cultures, histories, movements and ideas – that arise from the impression that a city such as London-continent can give and then filtered by the evocative working method and typical of Alexander synthesis Michele.

Which it is a clear method, precise and hiding just behind the tactics. In the dresses in this collection, in fact, perfectly they recognize the styles of the many English stories the majesty of the ruffs of Elizabeth I and court styles of his time become silver gowns, embroidered, caked. And fur inlaid with lush tails peacock designs and tempting snakes, sun, enclosing a historical overview along hundreds of years and who arrives at the threshold of the little 60.Giusto Years before its born in London punk, movement and youth culture together that builds not only a way of life but the story of a long generation.

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