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Check Out our Great Line-up of Marriage Enrichment Workshops!

Revive (PAIRS):  This workshop is designed for couples that are highly distressed or may be considering divorce.  With smaller class sizes and more opportunity for one on one interaction you will be given specific tools that can be used to resolve conflict and improve communication.  You will also learn how to love your spouse in ways that will be most effective.  This workshop will be available on an ongoing basis so that you can get the help that you need right away.  Click here to apply!


MMLogowebMastering the Mysteries of Love:  Rekindle the romance and uncover the Mysteries of Love in this workshop.  You will learn five essential relationship skills – show understanding, express thoughts clearly, discuss solutions respectfully, encourage each other, and manage conflict effectively – to bring out the best in each other by experiencing deep intimacy, honesty and compassion.


Marriage LINKS:  Falling in love is easy…staying in love is an art.  If you are looking for a way to turn up the heat in your marriage, this workshop is for you.  You’ll get the tools needed to help you stick together and reignite the flames of passion.  Learn how to meet each other’s needs, deepen your commitment to each other, and grow together sexually.


8 Habits of a Successful Marriage: Based on Stephen Covey’s #1 best selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People this workshop gives you the tools you need to have a successful marriage.  It provides a healthy balance of principles, values, and skills that build strong marriage commitment, high-trust character, effective communication, and unselfish companionship.


World Class Marriage:  This 16 hour curriculum will be broken down into two different workshops.  The program is built on a foundation of Empathy, Acceptance, and Genuineness.  Upon that foundation the course is made up of 16 pillars that include topics such as setting goals, avoiding blame, resolving conflicts, handling hot topics and forging a bond.



LoveTriangleWorkshopLove Triangle:  This new new Faith-Based curriculum uses Ephesians 5 to illustrate the Biblical principles of love and respect in marriage.  The Love Triangle is a beautiful picture of how your relationship to your creator impacts your relationship to your spouse.



Use this link to view our Make it Last (MALI) marriage preparation workshop.