Michael Kors, The New Collection Of Women’s Watches For The Fall 2014

Michael Kors, The New Collection Of Women’s Watches For The Fall 2014

The Slim Sunway model looks elegant with its braided bracelet and black animal fantasy, contrasting to the color of gold; Black and gold are just the colors for Michale Kors this autumn, so we find them on almost all models of his watches. Gold also for the Skylar, with a green dial, very particular and sophisticated.

Great return of small dials like the ones that make up the beautiful Petite Lexington and Petite Darci; These watches can be worn alone sevva, for a sober and elegant effect, but also accompanied by the autumn winter bracelets of the Kors brand, recalling the timepiece metal straps for a glamorous glamor.

Micheal Kors Autumn 2014 Watches will be on sale from September, both on the brand site and at selected and authorized dealers.

Make up rockabilly

Make up, you know, is a very important aspect for every woman. The rockabilly style 50’s makeup is among the various types, a sensual makeup and very simple to create. As for the face, apply the base makeup, possibly choosing a liquid foundation and a powdered powder, then apply a light pink blush brush to the cheekbones. Now go to your eyes, where you will apply a thick layer of black eyeliner on the upper eyelids to create an elongated effect that remembers the eyes of a cat and only the eyeliner application can give. If you want to increase the intensity of the look you can use fake eyelashes to improve the look of your eyes. Finish your look with a bright, shiny red lipstick to enhance your lips and make them sensual.

Rockabilly style accessories

Accessories are essential to complement an outfit, and of course this is also true for rockabilly style accessories earrings, necklaces, belts, eyeglasses, hair bands, everything that is best loved is in the right colors and in perfect fantasies. Choose, for example, leopard prints or striped fabrics for colorful handbags and bandanas and maxi flowers as hair accessories.


Do you already have your bag in mind

Well, for the time being, the Nara bag remains. They all loved her Elisabetta Gregoraci, Simona Salvemini, Milly Carlucci. Love at first glance. You see it, choose it, wear it and you will not leave it anymore.

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