Samsung Digital Camera Lower Prices

Another option of lower price Samsung digital camera is Samsung ST200F. You need Rs 9,200 or $142.78 to buy this one digital compact camera. It is available in some colors such as white, black, purple, and red. The basic spec is 16.1Mp completed with CCD lens in 10x digital zoom and optical zoom as well. If you want to transfer images from your camera to device, it is available WiFi and USB. This is perfect for beginner or amateur photographer. If you intend to purchase this one, you better find the detailed information in official Samsung site.

Samsung Digital Camera Prices

Samsung Digital Camera Prices Rs 11,000 – Rs 30,000 ( $170 – $460)

Well, this is also perfect for digital camera “hunters” who really like photography. These Samsung digital camera $170-$460 are suitable for travelling or hanging out while taking pictures for a while. In this case, you have to know which one is better for you by knowing the detailed price and also specification. Now, there is Samsung WB150F which is retailed at RS 11,585 or $179.79.

This compact digital camera is equipped 14.2MP basic spec and CCD sensor lens. In addition, it is completed with 18x optical zoom better than others explained above. Besides, you can shoot the images in good quality with 1280×720 resolution and also make video quality.

You have another option on Samsung camera digital for beginner. There is Samsung WB100 with price of Rs 12,506 or $194.09. This is included compact digital camera with 16.2MP along with CCD lens. It has ability on 26x optical zoom. However, it has no WiFi but you can use USB if you want to transfer the images to your devices.

Samsung WB200F is also able to be your choice. It has similarity with Samsung WB100 just different price at Rs 11.999 or $186.22. if you want more gorgeous digital camera is Samsung NX1000 with the price of Rs 31,799 or $493.51. The colors are available in pink and white. This is also a compact digital camera with 20.3MP. it is equipped with WiFi as well. Hope you like our review of Samsung camera digital prices in this article to make you find inspiration.

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