Small Kitchens, With All That Can Not Be Terminated

Small Kitchens, With All That Can Not Be Terminated

In a small kitchen, in respect of devices there may be no derogation in the refrigerator, oven and hob with extractor; the dishwasher can still be considered not necessary to have to give up something necessary. In the majority of cases are wide and 60 cm deep. The cabinet under the sink and cabinet above to measure usually 90 cm dishes. You should insert an item in the drawers, fundamental for cutlery and kitchenware (Articles 45 cm). In addition, almost all manufacturers offer some form of 40 cm (and its double by 80 cm) to fit in more flexibility in the available space. Useful finally take into account that the basic standard depth and height is 60 cm, while the width is supplied in 45, 60, 90 cm (although there are 15 elements and 30 cm over the measurement) . Wall units, shallower than the base, allow to increase the space to hold, leaving a free space for the top, where you have to give to opt for column modules. When kitchen design then you need to take into account certain constraints: the refrigerator, occupying a column, it is usually placed at the end, perhaps not by the stove, even if new models are superisolati; next to the sink – although only a tank to save cm – it is better to consider additional space useful in the drainer.

EVEN WITH THE PENINSULA: The kitchen in the Gulf of Urban Scavolini (doors with decorative finish Pasha larch and gloss white lacquer, alpaca gray laminate top) is on the one hand, supplemented by a peninsula with a maximum width of 90 cm and to be a practical working surface, it may become the dining table by making the environment even when they have little space.

WHILE 255 CM: This is the width measurement of the composition Vertiglia Ricci House (including oven, refrigerator, stove and hood, price € 1100) – to add modules of your choice – with natural effect wood finish. And in less than 3 meters, it includes everything needed for a fitted kitchen

CHANGES FINISHING ELM: It has a simple design and original at the same time, Veneta Cucine kitchen StartTime.go28 (a base of 60 cm price from 185 EUR) which applies the concepts of facilitation and immediate practicality, in a wide range of combinations between the front edges and, as well as combinations of colors and finishes.

WITH touch of yellow: Simple and hardened, the composition of Abaco Up In Snaidero (a basic 60 cm, price € 179) in natural, a laminate top with a thickness of 4 cm. Drawers and baskets are fitted with hinges and guides capable of adapting to the closing speed and weight.
MINI WITH DRAWER SUSPENSION: the compact kitchen Delinia Topaz cocoa Leroy Merlin (composition of 250 cm, excluding appliances, price € 645), the soft closing system ensures quiet and smooth closing, a detail that adds value to the proposal kitchen chipboard melamine in many colors and finishes.

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