Sports Benefits While Pregnant

Question a million pregnant women: is it safe to exercise when you are two? Direct sports or should you talk to your doctor first? “Pregnancy is months filled with changes, both physically and mentally from the prospective mother, but not the reason for being inactive.Playing during pregnancy can help reduce the discomfort of the mother’s body and can also help prepare the body for Delivery process, “said trainer at Fitness Embassy. “All pregnant women,” she said with emphasis, “must consult an obstetrician first before starting any exercise activity.”

Pre-natal exercise.
Beautiful pregnant woman exercising at home

For prospective moms who get a green light to exercise during the pregnancy period, he revealed there are many benefits to be gained. Among them: Reduce discomfort during pregnancy. “Regular exercise during pregnancy or not, will help smooth blood circulation, strengthen and increase muscle mass.This can help alleviate the discomfort of pregnant women body such as nausea, dizziness, and pain.”

Helps improve stamina. According to him, pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimesters greatly suck the energy of the mother because the baby’s weight is also growing. “Staying active and diligent exercise helps improve the cardiovascular system so that stamina and energy during pregnancy are maintained.”

Reduce stress and mood swing. “Hormonal changes during pregnancy make pregnant women vulnerable to stress and mood swings.” And exercise can help the production of hormone endorphins and serotonin, a hormone that helps reduce pain and encourage positive thinking so that stress levels in pregnant women can be maintained.

One thing that WOOP has heard is that exercise while being pregnant can make it easier for the birth process. Is it true? “It’s easy to have a birth process depending on many things, not just the frequency of exercise during pregnancy, but to keep in mind, diligent exercise during pregnancy helps improve stamina and endurance that is certainly needed during the birth process,” he replied.

In addition, he also said that if the mother has been actively exercising from before the pregnancy-say two to three times a week, “then this frequency can be continued.” What he recommends is low and medium intensity to keep the blood circulation from mother to baby. Is there any practical way to ascertain what the mother is doing according to her abilities? “One way to ensure that exercise is not beyond the ability of the mother is to do a talk test, which is to talk while doing sports activities.If the mother is unable to speak as usual, it should be immediately rested,” he explained.

So what if the content has exceeded three months, for example seven months, is there any change in sports patterns that should be adapted? “The older age of pregnancy, the burden is supported by the mother is also getting bigger so the balance can be disrupted,” he said.

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