Sports Healthy and Stay Productive

Our body is the assets that should be well guarded. Way is to maintain stamina and health that support the performance of our activities. One of them is by exercising and eating healthy foods. to consume a healthy foods, may still be many who slipped around the activity, like eating healthy food at lunch, supper time, up to dinner. But what about sport exercise? Do you still have time to exercise in between your busy times? Can you doing exercise sports while your job activities require to continuing in front of a computer in a room with air conditioner?

If you are a businessman who is difficult to take the time to exercise, then you can perform various activities that can also burn calories. Your advantage in doing ‘indirectly sport’ is that you can do it wherever you are. So that you can do the work and exercise at the same time. Do you know what activities can burn calories but not included in sport, formally? One of the correct answers is the household chores.

Mopping the floor for 30 minutes = 112 calories burned
Scrubbing bathroom for 30 minutes = 200 calories burned
Cleaning windows for 30 minutes = 125 calories burned
Vacuuming for 1 hour = 244 calories burned
Washing the car for 30 minutes = 180 calories burned
Weeding for 25 minutes = 127 calories burned
Planting a new crop for 15 minutes = 77 calories burned
Shopping and pushing a trolley for 45 minutes = 117 calories burned
Arrange groceries in place for 14 minutes = 40 calories burned
Clean up anything in the house for 22 minutes = 100 calories burned

Plus, activities such as house cleaning and other activities is a fat-burning activity that is environmentally friendly. To get vibrant health, no need to spend a lot of money with sports equipment that ensures the health and fitness. Do not have to spend excessive time and cost. Or if you prefer to exercise truly ‘direct sport ‘, you can bike from home to work or school. Certainly you can sweating successfully.

The needs of sport in recent years are increasing. Case because the level of work just sitting, much less just in front of the computer. Overall, sports or exercise does not have to require a large cost in a narrow time. But the most necessary is the intent and the consequences for running a healthy desire for it.

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