The bride photography technique

Marriage is an event where everyone wanted to look perfect. The guests, the committee which prepared the wedding plans since the distant days, all the decorations, the sunny weather, beautiful place, the atmosphere is solemn and sacred, including documentation. Most important, of course, is the bride. And compared with the groom, the bride usually wants it all closer to the word ‘perfect’. It is because the bride has a more elaborate preparation than the preparation of the groom.

On documentation, posing and photographing the bride is very important. But not all wedding photographers can steer the bride into the right pose, so that when printed the picture was not optimal and not in accordance with the desire, which was: perfection. To obtain a degree of perfection, or at least close to perfection, required a variety of posing for wedding soul every time someone saw the photos in the future. Some of them are:

The bride photography technique
The bride photography technique

1 – Tilting the head. There are two kinds of how to tilt the head to get a different feel, which is inclined his head in masculine and feminine. Masculine head cocked his head bent toward the front of the feminine body while the head has a tilting head tilted down toward rear shoulder person. For the bride who has a thinner body, a feminine head tilt is a good choice.

2 – Photographs of the bride are the focus. Generally, this shoot will take place in the side and flows to demonstrate the original nature of a bride. Pay special attention to the attitude of the Bride. He should be posed by asking him to stand at a slight angle to the camera. Leg closest to the front of the camera should be extended to three or four inches into the camera with your knees slightly bent. And after that, asking him to transfer his weight to the leg farthest from the camera.

Legs and other parts like wrists and arms should be bent to show the woman’s meek and feminine side.

3 – Flowing Lines. Position bouquet of flowers that can help the bride for more character in posing and photographing. The most important thing to remember when photographing a woman in any event is that they must see graceful. Also remember to keep the bride at a slight angle to the camera, never directly face on. About 30 degrees flatter. Whereas when photographing a wedding together, or a bride with a corner, the man’s shoulder so that men are more widely for the camera of the bride.

4 РThe Heavier Bride. Avoid angle viewfinder with sitting poses because they always look better in a state of standing. Another trick to hide some parts of the body that is: when a picture taken together can be a little bride turned toward the groom. And if possible, the bride and groom are in the midst of the crowd, so the bride can hide parts of the body that do not want to look too conspicuous.

In conclusion, the technique of taking photos of preferred marriage is the need to obtain documentation that the perfection of the Holy Spirit.

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