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The Food For The Children,The Most Fun Courses For Children

The Food For The Children,The Most Fun Courses For Children

The food for the children, the most fun courses for children. Cook together with the children to create nice dishes is a way to be with them, making fun. In addition, children often do not want to eat what is proposed to them, especially fruits and vegetables, but with a few tricks and some ploy you can convince them to eat even what you do not want.

Here are some easy recipes to do with the children, to keep them entertained and entertain.
delicious bananas for children

Prepare this delicious and fun banana to eat fruit to children.

1) banana
2) chocolate or chocolate chips
4) chopped almonds and colored tails
5) a little ‘milk

Halve the bananas and strung from wooden ice cream sticks or long toothpicks. Refrigerate bananas and in the meantime, melt the chocolate in a water bath, adding a bit of milk. Cover the bananas with the melted chocolate and decorate as desired with tails and sliced ??almonds. Let coagulate everything and refrigerate bananas, and then eat with the children.
Sandwich fantasy Children

Here is a really quick and easy dish to entertain the kids. The sandwich fantasy for children can be obviously stuffed in many different ways.

1) wholemeal sandwich bread
2) vegetables to taste (lettuce, carrots, tomatoes)
3) cooked ham
4) sliced ??cheese or fontina

Cut two slices of bread, giving it the shape you prefer with the cup-paste of fun shapes and funny (do such a fish, adding the eyes and mouth). Do the same with the rest of the filling and dial the fun sandwiches.

animated boiled eggs

Cook these simple animated boiled eggs to the children entertained.

1) Eggs
2) vegetables (carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, chives)

Cook the eggs in a saucepan with boiling water for nine minutes. Once ready boiled eggs, rinse under cold water and peel them well. Take the boiled eggs sympathetic desired shape (eg chicks or mice and make eyes and mouth with chopped vegetables). Prepare a bed of salad seasoned lightly and put the fun boiled eggs in the pot.With this sauce you can season the pasta, but also enrich bruschetta and season meat and fish.The raw broccoli can become a tasty pesto you can just use them as substitutes basil.

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