The Second Life Of An Old Farmhouse

The Second Life Of An Old Farmhouse

The old houses are rich in a particular charm, but unfortunately often do not match the current needs of modern life. Small low windows provide a feeling of dark and foster the perception of a narrow space. Moreover, we must not forget that these structures have defied time, and are therefore almost never safe and habitable.

Most of the house has been left open to below the ear drum, in this way the beams that have been preserved as a design element, add character and style to the new structure of the house, becoming the center of the design. The living room has a ceiling height of almost 8 meters, which particularly affects the feeling of space that results.

The kitchen has been installed between the dining area and the living room and fits perfectly between the two ancient central beams which gives it a very original rustic feel.

A fantastic restoration in Tuscany

An old farmhouse looking neglected, abandoned, has been completely refurbished and transformed into a splendid villa from the current look, even in the strong link with tradition.

Forget even the deterioration and abandonment that we saw earlier, this is a bright, spacious and with a contemporary feel and sophisticated! Rural style in mind, not only in the preserved elements, such as the wooden structure in sight, but also furnishings and accessories, which strongly recall.


Stairs or twisted

If we seek an original idea, we could also choose a ladder with irregular pattern, as we see in this example a wooden staircase with uneven steps, to create an architecture of strong impact.


The kitchen is a more informal space than the rest of the living area. The color choice is original and interesting sage green approaches is well to steel appliances, which the white walls and table, as well as the structure of the wood.

Tuscan charm a rustic villa as few

Here is the simplicity and the beauty of the tradition, the kind of beauty that can not be explained or groped to play.

The beauty and warmth of a residence of the past, with stone finishes, wood trusses, is unparalleled. Especially the wooden ceiling makes the difference, this space would not be the same without this imposing structure on sight. Also we find the wooden railing of the stairs, and of course the furniture.

The house is divided on two floors, autonomous and independent of each other, each with bathroom, kitchen and separate entrance, but connected. The main element of the project is the dramatic spiral staircase.

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