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Top 10 Airlines by Passenger Carriage – Changi Airline Awards 2007 – 2015

Each year, Changi Airport Group (CAG) hosted its Changi Airline Awards.This is an event where the airport gives awards to airlines that have a route to Changi international airport.There are several award categories given to airlines by taking into account and considering several things.Well, one of the categories of the award is awards based on Passenger Carriage. This award is given to airlines that provide maximum service to its passengers.The best services provided by airlines will be the determinants of how well they will deliver their services later.

What’s The Purpose of This Award?

This award ceremony as a form of awareness to appreciate all the efforts made by the airline.This is also done as an effort to encourage the management of the airlines to provide the best service to the passengers.With the awards, it will be very helpful for anyone who gives other advantages to finding know about which best plane to choose.It can also be a good reference for passengers as they get there to find know about.

List of Award of 2007 – 2015

From since it was held the last year 2007, there are several airlines that often get into the best 10 rows. So what airline companies fall into that category? Here is an important answer Changi Airline Awards 2007 – 2015 that you should know well for visit here!

  • 1# AirAsia
  • 2# Cathay Pacific
  • 3# Emirates
  • 4# Garuda Indonesia
  • 5# Jetstar Asia
  • 6# Malaysia Airlines
  • 7# Qantas Airways
  • 81# Silkair
  • 9# Singapore Airlines
  • 10# Tiger Airways

What is the Basic Rating?

The above list certainly does not come solely without attention to some things first.There are certain reasons that make these airlines enter the list.The service should be based on many things actually including through some special judgments. Assessment that then can provide other benefits so that will bring best new spirit.

The award given by the Changi Airport Group (CAG) toward all the airlines will be a source for the passenger when going to find the airline before a flight. Obviously, it will really help anyone and anytime to fly with the best airline. In addition, you also must understand very well that this will be an important part later. At the same time, this can also get some special opportunities for airlines to deliver results that really can provide huge profits later.

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