What A Disaster Google Photos African American So Gorilla!

What A Disaster Google Photos African American So Gorilla!

It happens to the best of ‘toppare’, although this Big G is quite sensational it seems that the latest version of Google Photos, which allows you to automatically tag photos according to their content, is at least ‘bizarre’, since it was not able to distinguish an African American from a gorilla.

With a tweet rather argumentative, he pointed out to Google (and the world in a matter of hours) Jackyalcine the user, who has published a screenshot showing the bizarre way in which Google Photos organized his photographs by categories ‘skyscrapers’, ‘airplanes’, ‘car’, ‘Bicycle’ and so far so good teknorus. Then – and here the rub, even the gorillas – see a photo of the user, a black, along with one of her friends, also black, with the inscription above ‘gorilla’.

Soon Yonatan Zunger, Google’s social chief architect, he immediately apologized to the user for Google Photos error and has set up a task force to solve the cloying inconvenience. Meanwhile, in fact, they started the accusations – slightly veiled – of racism.

In fact, Zunger assured that this was not a problem so that the faces of African ethnicity, but rather a problem with the cataloging of photos in which the poor lighting prevents the program to recognize the presence of a face. Put simply, it could ‘happen’ too white, exchanged perhaps to a lemur, or to a child identified as seal (mah, boh, mah …).

We had problems with people of all races labeled dogs, he wrote in support of his thesis Zunger. The dogs themselves – as reported in recent weeks on some blogs – are sometimes labeled as horses.

Frankly, it would be appropriate to better calibrate Google Photos or eliminate its function. For not knowing how to read or write (or even identify …), after working the bugs for 15 hours, Big G in the end preferred to eliminate the gorillas tags, to prevent the problem from happening again in the future. We hope well…

Returning to the three alternatives, however, is not yet clear what will be the differences between the OnePlus 2 models, always will be confirmed: it is more likely that each is allocated to a particular market, namely international, Chinese and US / India. In any case we will not have to wait too: July 27 Live streaming will be the official presentation of the device.

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