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Lake Barkley Weekend


May 2nd – 3rd

CMB is very excited to be returning to Lake Barkley in 2015.  This fabulous marriage enrichment weekend will include your nights stay at the lodge on Friday and Saturday, three meals, and all your workshop materials.  The Value of this weekend is over $650 but will be at NO COST to eligible couples (due to a previous sponsorship).  Come enjoy the beauty of the Lake Barkley Lodge and enrich your marriage with our Marriage LINKS Workshop.  

We are not yet taking applications for this event.


Weekend Schedule:

Friday, May 1st

4:00pm – 8:00pm….Lodge Check-In

Saturday, May 2nd

8:00am – 8:45am….Breakfast

9:00am – 12:00pm….Session 1

12:00pm – 3:00pm….Lunch on your own

3:00pm – 6:00pm….Session 2

6:00pm….Dinner at the lodge

Sunday, May 3rd

8:00am – 8:45am….Breakfast

9:00am – 12:00pm….Session 3


Participants must first apply and go through our intake process in order for CMB to verify eligibility.  If approved for registration, you may be granted a spot for the event.  Once enrolled if you fail to complete, you will not be eligible to enroll in future “no cost” workshops.  If you are enrolled and are unable to attend for any reason, you must inform our office of your cancellation prior to the event.  Failure to do so will make you ineligible for any future “no cost” grant workshops.




  1. Hi! I have been wanting to do a workshop for me and my husband but everyone I go to is full! Is there a way to get notified when one becomes available. So far I have checked everyone up to Lake Barkley! Thank you!

    • Kelly,
      The best way to stay informed on the latest release dates and events is to “like us” on Facebook. As far as the next weekend date goes we have our Winter Weekend opening on Dec. 8th at 8:00am. That weekend will take place in New Harmony on January 23-24.

  2. I saw where conf emails and others were supposed to go out yesterday and today. Since I didn’t get one of either does that mean we weren’t accepted?

    • Heather,
      Make sure you check your spam folder. Their are also some applicants that we are contacting by phone based on where they need to be placed.

  3. We are wanting to check the status of our application. When should we hear if we have been accepted?

    • Confirmation emails are going out today (make sure you check your spam folder) and the other notifications should go out tomorrow.

  4. How long should it take to receive a response after applying? We are wanting to check the status of our application. We were accepted for the trip to French Lick last year and were unable to attend due to severe weather. I truly hope we can still be considered for this weekend as I have been praying for some help with our marriage, then this popped up on my newsfeed. Thank you for offering such wonderful help!

    • Confirmation emails will go out today (make sure you check your spam folder) and other notifications (if you didn’t get in) will go out tomorrow. You may want to call the office (812-477-2260) and check because we could not find the email that corresponds to this comment in our system.

  5. I came across this in searching for a marriage counseling. Can you explain what this is a little more?just looking to better my marriage.

    • The weekend is for couples looking to enrich their marriage. The workshop is call Marriage LINKS and it uses the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM) to illustrate the five levels of bonding in a relationship. Those levels of bonding affect each other and need to be in proper balance for the relationship to be healthy. You will learn how to meet each others needs, deepen your commitment to each other, and grow together sexually.

      • My husband just received this info last night at work. If spot opens or you have another CMB get away workshop like this one, we would be interested in doing this. Thank you, Jolyn Disney

        • We have another Marriage Enrichment Weekend in French Lick on July 11 & 12. We will begin taking applications for that weekend on May 19th at 8:00am.

  6. hi!! My husband David and I had been accepted for a previous workshop before and were unable to attend because of a serious illness he had acquired and was hospitalized for. We did call and cancel in time and have been in contact since then for opportunities. We would like to be considered for this one. Please let me know. Thank you!

    • Alysia,
      Go ahead and fill out the application and then we can determine your eligibility. Thanks

  7. Out of town for Lake Barkley event, when n where will be next workshop?

    • The next weekend will be on July 11 & 12 in French Lick.

      • When will registrationbe for the one in Frenchlick for later this summer! I really am wanting to attend!

        • We will not be taking applications for the French Lick Weekend until May 19th.

      • How can we apply for the July 11-12 weekend?

        • We will not be taking applications for the July 11-12 weekend in French Lick until May 19th.

  8. When will all applicants receive notifications if they are selected?

    • Debbie,
      Please be patient with us, we have received a lot of applications. We hope to send notifications to everyone by the end of the week. Thank you.

  9. Where do we find the application for the Lake Barkley Weekend??

    • Carla,
      Please look for the link in large red text that says “Use this link to apply!”. Just click on that text and it should take you to the application. If you have any problems feel free to call the office at 812-477-2260.

      • Which Lake Barkley is this? What state?

        • Lake Barkley, Kentucky.

  10. I applied for the enrichment weekend at Lake Barkley yesterday. Will we be notified as to our acceptance either way?

    • Yes Lori, you will be notified either way. It may take a few days because we have received a lot of applications.

  11. When will you start taking applications for the Lake Barkley weekend?

    • We will begin taking applications for this weekend starting Tuesday, April 1st at 8:00am.

      • Do couples have to sleep in separate lodges?

        • Every couple will have their own room.

  12. What are the eligibility requirements?

    • Angela,
      We have several Federal guidelines that we are required to follow. One of those being that participants can only attend ONE of our free enrichment weekends during the past three years. I would suggest you go ahead and fill out the application when it opens up and then we can more accurately determine your eligibility.


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