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How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins in a Marriage!

PinkElephantsRemember the “7 deadly sins”? You may have heard about them at church, in a movie, or from your parents. They are a list of behaviors that can get you in real trouble and can destroy the joy and happiness in your life. Those same behaviors can destroy a marriage as well, but instead of looking at the behaviors you don’t want to do let’s look at the other side of the coin. What are things that can be put into practice that will foster the joy and happiness that you are looking for in your marriage.

1. Have eyes only for your spouse. Focus all of your passion and desire into loving them alone.

2. Strive to be healthy. Eating right, exercise, and getting enough sleep will help you be at your best for your spouse and your family.

3. Be generous with your time, treasure and talents toward your spouse and those you care about.

4. Don’t wait for problems to arise, be proactive in making your marriage better through regular communication.

5. If you want your marriage to last the test of time, you must be willing to forgive. Not just for their sake but for yours as well.

6. Use gratitude as a way to recognize what you have and appreciate it, instead of longing for what you don’t have.

7. Selflessness is at the root of love. The giving up of our own needs to serve our spouse is the ultimate picture of what a marriage is suppose to represent.

The overarching principle this month is to work on putting positive behaviors into your life instead of trying to avoid negative ones. Trying to avoid the negative is like trying NOT to think of pink elephants…you’re thinking of pink elephants aren’t you?  It just doesn’t work. Use your energy to put into practice positive behaviors that will strengthen and enrich your marriage.


  1. Trust me I have tried all of that but what if your partner doesn’t care at all. How long u alone will survive with all that. The people who don’t care they don’t bother about what u r giving and how much. They just take take and take. Sorry but life is just once to waste after somebody who does nothing while u r doing everything.

  2. Be proactive! Great advice, Attend a marriage building event at least once a year. Practice caring behaviors by speaking your spouse’s love language.

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