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Relationship Quiz

Quizzes for Couples

Community Marriage Builders has gathered some questions to help you learn if your relationship is made to last.


Are you and your mate ready for engagement? Take our quiz to find out!

If your score indicates that you could use some prep work, talk to your pastor or give Community Marriage Builders a call.

Do your parents approve of your choice in a future spouse?

How long have your parents been married? Why?

How did your parents settle conflict?

How will you settle conflict?

How well do you know your future in-laws?

Who will you spend the holidays with?

How often will you visit one another’s family?

How much debt do you have? How much debt does your spouse have?

Who will manage your finances?

How much “fun” money will each of you have?

What are your financial goals?

Will you have a yearly budget?

How important is your career?

Are you concerned about a habit of your future spouse?

Does your future spouse have any behaviors that frighten you?

How do you handle anger? Frustration?

Do you think marriage will change any of your future spouses’ behavior?

How will you celebrate birthdays? Other holidays?

Where will you go to church?

What are your spiritual goals?

Do you pray together?

Have you had sex together? With anyone else?

Have you discussed how many children you will have and how soon?

Who will raise the children?

Will you buy a home or rent?

Who will do the household chores?

How neat do you want your home to be?

What kind of cars will you drive? New? Used?

Who will pay for the wedding? What will be your budget?

Will you take vacations?

What do you think your life will be like three years from now?

Do you have mutual couple friends?

Will you be committed to stay married no matter what happens?

These questions are intended to open the door to meaningful discussion between you and your future spouse. Don’t wait until it’s too late to discover your differences. You will need to know one another well in order to build a strong, lifetime marriage.

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