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Here are 3 ways to help Make it Last!

1. Take a FOCCUS Inventory.

This self-diagnostic tool will help you learn more about yourselves and your unique relationship. It is a great tool to help couples name and work through issues before marriage. Call our office at 812-477-2260 to register.

2. Take our “Make it Last” marriage preparation workshop.

This eight hour workshop will really help fill your relationship toolbox. You will learn all kinds of exercises designed to help you communicate and resolve conflict in a safe and loving way.  For more information or to apply use the following link.  MORE INFO

3. Meet with your pastor or counselor.

After you complete your FOCCUS inventory you will have a clearer picture of your relationship.  It will identify areas in which you may not agree.  It is important to talk to someone about those issues in order to work through them before you get married.  If you do not have a pastor or would like us to refer you to a counselor call us at 812-477-2260.



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